5 Facts About Life in the Middle Ages

According to historians, the middle ages describes the period in history between the roman civilization collapse in the 5th century to the beginning of the 15th century. History describes this period as a very controversial stage. The period is associated with a hundred years of war, black death, and Magna Carta.

Below are five facts about life in the middle ages.

1. Farming dominated.

The lives of most medieval people were dominated by farming. Many peasants during this period worked in the lands and this made farming a very important factor in the families of peasants. During this period, most people resided in villages therefor leaving huge areas of land to use for farming.

During this period, farmers used a three-field agricultural system. They would use one field for summer crops, the other one for winter crops and the third one would be left uncultivated every year. The land was left out to acquire nutrients for farming the following year 

2. There were women, knights, too.

Despite history painting, a picture of this period as a male-dominated period, not only men were tasked with the heavy role of becoming knights. Petronilla, who was the countess of Leicester goes down in history as one of the most re-known female knights of the middle ages. She is said to have fought in the battles during the rebellion against king henry the second, in these wars Petronila fought with her husband.

3. Eating bread could be dangerous.

As hilarious as it may sound, it is a fact. Eating of bread during the middle ages was considered dangerous and people would end up losing their lives from simply eating bread. The reason for bread being considered dangerous is, during the middle ages, bread was the main source of nourishment for the poor people. However, during summertime, there was a shortage of grains and people would turn to rye that had been stored for ages, the rye was in most cases infected by fungus and once consumed it would bring about hallucinations and in some cases it would lead to death.

4.Used bizzare medicine to treat Plague.

During the middle age period, the plague was considered as one of the most dangerous and common illnesses in England and around the world. Plague was responsible for the deaths of many medieval people around England and the world. People had to come up with strange recipes of medicines to try and cure the plague. They would mix ale with marigold leaves and petals and crushed roasted eggs shells.

5. Nobility was observed.

During the medieval period, the nobles who included knights and other titled nobles were in charge of the peasants. The kings and other high-ranking nobles were in control of huge amounts of peasants and commoners. The lower-ranking nobles exercised their power over small groups of people. The knights were the least of the nobles, however, they too controlled peasants even though they were also serving the top-ranking nobility.

The life of the nobles in the nobles of the middle ages entailed playing of games like chess and playing music and poetry – take a look here on facts about medieval towns.

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